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Help for Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are in rapid decline in Britain, both nationally and here in Warwickshire. We have launched this campaign so we can work with local schools, planners, developers, local businesses and landowners to raise awareness of the issues facing one of our most loved species.

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Hedgehogs are affected by loss of suitable habitat for foraging as well as fragmentation of habitat. They need a large area to roam and modern housing developments prevent this by the use of impermeable barriers such as fences. Modern farming has removed many of the hedgehog's hedge highways.


We will work with local schools to create hedgehog friendly areas in school grounds as well as raise awareness of the issues and how people can make changes for wildlife at home. We will also work with local developers to ensure new developments are hedgehog and wildlife friendly. We will work with local businesses and landowners to raise awareness of the issues and how they can help. Hedgehog sightings will allow us to target our work where it is most needed.

  • Hedgehogs are a national treasure. They must be valued and protected.

    — Bill Oddie, birdwatcher, broadcaster and naturalist