Black Cultural Archives

Building BCA's Capacity

Black Cultural Archives is seeking to build its internal capacity ahead of opening the country's first national Black heritage centre in 2013. BCA will hold 2 exhibitions pa and run a learning programme for families, communities & young people alike, based on material from BCA's collection.

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According to the National Council on Archives, just 0.8% of archives users identified their ethnic group as ‘Black’ or ‘Mixed’. Through its offering and approach, BCA will address this long standing concern and make Britain’s heritage accessible to all. Black Cultural Archives is the only national heritage organisation of its kind; rooted in the very community represented in the archives. BCA has a unique ability to engage Black communities in heritage activities


The Black heritage centre will provide a platform on which the community can stand. BCA will have the responsibility of identifying and revealing the hidden histories of Black Britain. With these stories, a legacy can be created for future generations. BCA will primarily focus on collections development; community learning and outreach; and public exhibitions. Through our activities, BCA will be able to engage hard to reach audiences including those with little interest in our shared heritage