Birtenshaw Hall (childrens charitable trust)

Independant Living For disabled children

We are looking for funding for the purchase and installation of assistive technology and equipment for independent living in the children`s homes.

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For many of us drawing the curtains, making a telephone call, sending an email or changing the television channel is an everyday activity. This is not the case for many disabled individuals who struggle completing many tasks non disabled people take for granted. The difficulty one step, let alone a whole flight of stairs, can cause for a person to gain entrance into a building is overwhelming for a disabled individual and unacceptable in today’s modern society. Disabled children should have the same choice and control over how they live their lives as everyone else. They should also have choice and control over the support they need and the environment in which they live in. We strive to support disabled children to do the things non-disabled children take for granted. There's a great deal that can be done to support and enable people to lead as full and ordinary a life as possible. Disabled does not mean unable! I have had a meeting with Possum and obtained full quotes. Applications for funding have been submitted to 13 charitable trusts. Further details are available upon request.