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75% of patients suffering from leukaemia are under the age of 25. In order to survive, most of these patients will need to have a bone marrow stem cell transplant from a matching donor. The odds of finding a match are 1:100 000. We have 65 500 donors! Help us increase this by sponsoring a donor.

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The Odds of finding a match are 1:100 000. The SA Bone MArrow Registry has 65 500 donors currently. We need to recruit 100 000 donors per ethnic group in South Africa which equates to 400 000 donors at the least. The cost to tissue type each donor costs The Sunflower Fund R1000 per donor recruited. We are raising funds to pay for these tests to ultimately save more lives.


By increasing the Registry to 100 000 donors per ethnic group, we are increasing the odds for a patient of finding their donor match. We are giving patients the opportunity to a longer and healthier life. Without the work of The Sunflower Fund, there would be very few bone marrow stem cell donors on the Regsitry as we are the only NGO in SA that educates, recruits and tests potential donors We need the support of the public and companies around the world to ensure that we continue this work.

  • Help The Sunflower Fund build a state asset that will protect future generations and provide hope to current patients suffering from leukaemia.

    — Tina Botha (CEO)