Cure Leukaemia

To purchase Bioreactor to help fight Leukaemia

Need to purchase a large-scale cell culture “bioreactor” which is able to grow up and expand leukaemia cells derived from patients. For many aspects of clinical research, large numbers of leukaemia cells are required which are used to extract molecules responsible for causing the cancer.

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The study of proteins (proteomics) is hampered by the inability of ‘copy’ proteins in the laboratory in the same way that DNA can be copied and chemically expanded. Proteins typically need to be recovered from tumour/leukaemia cells directly. This requires a large number of cells and frequently more than can be safely taken from patients.


To overcome this, leukaemia cells are cultured in the laboratory. Our current limit for cell culture in Birmingham is 200ml flasks which can yield 20-100 million tumour cells. For discovery projects, we require to culture 5,000ml of cells to recover enough cells to identify proteins which may be causing cancer, and extract proteins to examine the best protein candidates for immunotherapy. This can be achieved through the purchase of the Bioreactor.