Friends of Lakeside Primary School

FoLPS storage shed

To provide a safe and secure storage unit for our second hand uniform sales its and other belongings which are currently stored in a leaky, damp and inadequate old metal shed.

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Friends of Lakeside Primary School (FoLPS) is an active and effective Friends Group within a Frimley school. Parents and teachers work tirelessly to run events for the children not only to raise funds, but just to allow children to be children and have FUN! Storage facilities in the school are at a premium, so much of the FoLPS belongings are kept in a inadequate metal shed on the perimeter of the school grounds. Crucially, the shed is also home to the racks of second hand uniform, sales of which regularly raise in excess of £200 a year. It also provides parents on a tight budget, a way to provide good quality school uniforms for their children at a nominal cost. The current shed is damp, leaks water in heavy rain and offers no security for the contents whatsoever, being of extremely poor quality and flimsy construction. We are keen to replace this as soon as possible, not with another DIY store disaster shed, but with something that is going to last 10 years+, from which current and future families at Lakeside can reap the benefits. We would like to complete this project before the end of 2010 to avoid another winter of mopping up and drying things out. A good quality, secure and solidly constructed metal shed, with a 10year warranty against rust, including construction and internal shelving and floor, will cost £1,700.