Muirfield Riding for the Disabled

The Big Brick Appeal

Muirfield Riding for the Disabled is extending and improving the facilities available to its members, who take part in Riding Therapy sessions.

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Muirfield Riding for the Disabled has outgrown its current facilities due to increasing demand from people with disability, who wish to improve their health and general well-being. The organisation is very dynamic and is constantly striving to improve the level of service it offers, believing that its Ridewrs deserve the best. The project will provide a Physiotherapy Room/1-1 Meeting Room; Training Room/Resource Base; Viewing Gallery/Lecture Theatre; Improved Mounting Area; Reception Area; Office; Improved Kitchen and Toilets. The project will benefit the organisations 3 main user groups 1. Riders, 2 Volunteers and 3. The Families and Carers of the Riders. It is expected that the final cost of the project will be around £600,000 plus VAT. Muirfield Riding for the Disabled has a strong fundraising team which has raised around £250,000 to date, at the same time as raising the annual operational cost of £30,000