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To provide an online support portal built in conjunction with HIV+/affected young people for YP. YP will have access to an extensive peer network to reduce social isolation, educational support and counselling to improve life chances; scaling up B&S’s current work to reach YP across the UK.

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There are 2500 HIV+ YP accessing care in the UK and 11,429 have been born to HIV+ mothers since the beginning of the UK epidemic. Studies state that ‘social support is an important factor in helping people to adapt psychologically to living with HIV’. HIV+/affected YP, particularly outside London lack these age appropriate support and peer networks. B&S is filling this void, scaling up services to reach YP socially isolated within/outside London by providing online peer/professional support.


Body & Soul’s website will host a secure portal that will extend the health and psychosocial support offered from Body & Soul’s Islington centre online; increasing accessibility for YP who due to location, disability or ill health are unable to attend regularly. Providing a peer support network run by YP will enable YP who are HIV+/affected to reduce isolation; professional support will address the educational/emotional challenges YP living with a long term illness face.