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KOMPOSIT is a provider of continuing professional development for composers and an inspiring collaborative performance and rehearsal environment for musicians. KOMPOSIT is an orchestra of skilled musicians from different backgrounds and influences that provides a unique resource for aiding the creation of new contemporary compositions.

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KOMPOSIT: •Assists composers in developing new and innovative pieces through a staged rehearsal process in direct collaboration with performers; •Targets composers who find it hard to have their works realised; •Recruits skilled musicians from a range of different backgrounds and musical influences to act as a living resource for composers to work with; •Sources personnel from classical, jazz, folk and world music traditions and offers the potential to mix instrumentations and styles that are not associated with a typical classical orchestra; •Creates working environments of inclusivity, innovation and quality that enhance communication between composers and performers; •Supports both composers and musicians of many years’ experience as well as emerging talent entering the workforce for the first time. Komposit already has funding for a pilot project which is due to commence on May 21st 2009. We are now looking towards finding funding for the project to continue on after the pilot has finished.