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STOP THE CURIO TRADE CAMPAIGN PLEASE HELP THE SEAHORSE TRUST IN ITS CAMPAIGN TO END THE SEASIDE CURIO TRADE We want to make the sale of wildlife curios a thing of the past. This highly destructive trade is killing our natural world. It is devastating, cruel and horrendous, it needs to be stopped

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Every year at least 150 million seahorses and millions of other creatures are taken from the wild and killed for the Traditional Medicine Trade (TMT), the pet market and as ornaments to adorn homes. This is wrong, it destroys the natural world, breaks down the ecological structure of our world and is incredibly cruel. Seahorses for instance are taken from the sea and left to die in the hot sun, a very cruel painful way of killing any creature, one we would not tolerate for humans.


We have set up a database to collect data and information on this devastating trade and we aim to report every retail outlet to the police to get them stopped from selling these precious creatures. Once we have gathered enough data we will submit this to the relevant authorities and push for the trade to be outlawed We have already worked closely with E-bay to outlaw the selling of seahorses on their website and we are now working with others to do the same. Make this a trade of yesteryear.