Spinal Centre:Spinal Beetle drives for support

Our Spinal Beetle is on the road to raise awareness of Spinal Cord Injury & collect donations for the Spinal Centre Nepal(SIRC).Each donation will make the VW Beetle move and the Centre develop.In November it drove across Nepal, Pakistan and India a total of 1100 miles in 12 days!

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It ran from 3:11 PM, 9 June 2011 to 10:35 AM, 14 September 2013

Registered Charity in England and Wales (1116530)

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Our goal of raising funds for the spinally injured of Nepal remains only half-fulfilled. Through the Beetle ride we have raised a little under half the goal of US$ 110,000 / £70,100. We aim to reach our target by our 10th anniversary in April 2012."As the ride is still fresh in memory, I hope it will be possible to raise the remaining amount from individuals and institutions contributing what they can. " Kanak Dixit Founder Spinal Centre. Each donation will contribute to increasing bed capacity.


SIRC is currently the only specialized rehabilitation centre in Nepal and often does not have the capacity to accommodate demand for services. The project will raise funds to expand the centre by 2 wards increasing the available beds from 39 to 51 enabling 36 more patients per year to receive rehabilitation and medical treatment. The centre’s support enables the patients to lead full and independent lives, to improve their quality of life and to relieve the burden on their families.