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Sponsor a Brick: Building a Girl's School in Kenya

Education is a vital tool in the fight against poverty. That’s why we are working to establish a girl’s Secondary School in Ondati, one of Kenya’s poorest regions. By teaching business skills, as well as more traditional subjects, we will provide local girls with the tools to craft a better life.

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  • I dreamt of continuing my education but financial constraints meant I didn’t know what hope there was. I was thrilled when the School was established.

    — Evelyn, Student of the Ondati Girls Secondary School


There is little education available for girls in Kenya. For many, this means few chances to escape a life of poverty. In Ondati, one of Kenya’s poorest regions, girls often marry older men to avoid such a prospect. By the time they 20, many will have had their first child. A culture of polygamy only adds to the already dire spread of AIDs and HIV.


By establishing a school in Ondati, young girls will have the opportunity to escape a life of poverty. The goal is to empower students, and raise generation after generation of educated and entrepreneurial young women. The emphasis at Ondati is on “learning by doing.” Girls are taught how to run businesses, such as beekeeping and dairy farming, and how to make money from them. In addition, these businesses will generate enough income to fund education for more pupils in the future.