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Help us to pay project staff so we can continue to provide the many services to our local community. Specifically - Early Years Drop In, children's weekend activities, our Older People's Garden Group and volunteering opportunities for people with learning difficulties.

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It ran from 6:40 PM, 24 August 2011 to 4:54 PM, 22 March 2013

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Many families living in Kings Cross live in overcrowded flats with no open space. There are few places that are safe in which children can play outdoors, exploring the environment, getting plenty of exercise and meeting their friends.


By opening our community garden 7 days a week, we will provide a safe, inspiring and welcoming space for children and their families from all cultures. Feedback from one of our users sums us up "I hope that you can continue funding this amazing place where strangers can walk in and become friends. The staff have become my family and it would be heart breaking for me and my children to loose such a great place".