Voice UK

Supporting vulnerable victims with technology

Significantly increasing numbers of vulnerable victims supported through transforming use of web site and mobile technologies to support vulnerable victims achieve justice, campaign and tackle disability hate crime whilst co-ordinating peer led equal access to IT workshops.

history Campaign has now closed

It ran from 12:00 PM, 1 April 2011 to 12:00 PM, 1 March 2012







The problem is reaching socially excluded people who are vulnerable because of their disability and are also victims of crime, bullying or anti social behaviour. Those whose disability affects their communication or mobility or both experience difficulties accessing support over the phone or through regional offices. Levels of awareness, ownership and education impact on the use of IT by people with disabilities particularly those with learning disabilities.


The project will solve the problem by contracting 'Raising IT' to transform Voice UK's web site making it interactive, accessible and a tool which can encourage vulnerable victims of crime to communicate their experiences and seek support. Vulnerable victims will be able to use the website to access support and to contribute to policy and attitudinal changing campaigns. A national peer lead workshop programme targeted at disabled people will provide education to disabled people and carers.