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Open Air Theatre Redevelopment

To redevelop the Open Air Theatre ensuring it's continued position as a London landmark whilst also breaking down barriers to theatre by providing accessibilty for all. The redevelopment of the Open Air Theatre is essential for its continued position as a community resource.

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In 1999 we embarked on a major redevelopment of the Theatre. Haworth Tompkins Architects were engaged with a view to totally renovating the Theatre, ensuring its continued role in the cultural life of the City. A significant part of the overall plans were achieved, key areas including the auditorium were improved, there was, in addition, the creation of the Robert Atkins Studio for rehearsals and the provision of corporate hospitality and improved front of house areas, enhancing the experience for audience members. The 1999 Campaign did not provide sufficient funds to complete the scheme leaving the back of house areas in a state of disrepair. 10 years on these conditions have now become untenable and it has become necessary to mount a Capital Campaign for this now essential work, ensuring the future of The Open Air Theatre. The back of house, box office and entrance are in need of essential redevelopment. The existing back stage facilities are extremely challenging and urgently need to be improved to house new dressing rooms and wardrobe space. The facilities are inflexible, cramped, poorly insulated thermally and acoustically, with bad drainage. These facilities also have poor physical access, limiting the participation of those with physical and sensory disabilities. The Theatre’s administrative personnel is not currently on the theatre site - we intend to incorporate the theatre offices within the redevelopment allowing the Theatre to perform more efficiently and cost effectively. The scheme will provide a far greater experience to audience members in terms of actual safety, comfort and aesthetic whist enhancing the theatrical experience; we will be able to develop the range and extent of our dramatic works enabling us to reach out further to a more varied audience. The Theatre have once again engaged Haworth Tompkins Architects who have adapted and updated the initial scheme to adhere to Heath, Safety and planning regulations. We have the backing of our landlords, the Royal Parks. The project cost is £2.75million - We will start work on the building project at the end of our 2011 season, with a view to completing the work in time for the Theatres 80th Anniversary and the 2012 season. Funding - Funds in place to date (March 2010) £950,000 already in place • £750,000 provided by The Open Air Theatre • £200,000 provided by Royal Parks