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South Central Regional Heat

To publicise the South Central Regional Heat Event to local schools so as to encourage them to take on the Greenpower Educational initiative and promote sustainable engineering and technology as careers to young people.

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The Greenpower Education Trust is the conduit charity for Greenpower Limited, and recently achieved charity status in January 2010. The Trust was established in order for Greenpower to be able to expand its educational initiative through the existing Greenpower programme and develop new sustainable engineering projects. The Greenpower Education Trust’s aims and objectives are to boost the amount of graduates going into engineering and technology sectors. In order to do this we aim to encourage young people, from nine years old and upwards, to develop the skills required to be suitable for employment within the sector. We also aim to educate children and young people about environmental sustainability and are working towards holding lectures and workshops at our Greenpower centre in Fontwell. The centre itself will act as an example of sustainability in the built environment, and demonstrate to young people ways of maximising energy efficiency through the use of low emissions technology. Greenpower addresses the shortage of STEM skills, particularly in reference to engineering, by focusing on the ‘formation’ of engineers. We do this by promoting sustainable engineering and technology as careers to young people aged between 9 and 21, which is achieved through unique hands-on projects to design, build and race an electric car. By taking part in the competition, all participants are given an insight into the real, tangible world of engineering. Since starting in 1999, it has expanded from being a 22-car secondary school event to a nationwide project holding the Goblin Formula series for primary school children, the original Formula 24 for secondary schools and relatively new Formula 24+ for teams aged 16-21 and in any form of full or part-time education. Whilst the work we do with schools, colleges and universities will help some of the employers in the specific industry to find employees that fit their criteria, we feel that the scale of the work we are achieving at the moment needs to be increased in order to achieve a more wide-scale response. We therefore require funding to help us fund our events, publicise events to other prospective participants and directly market the Greenpower Education Trust’s schemes to the schools that we need to get involved. The more institutions that take on the scheme, the more individuals will leave education with the necessary STEM skills required by the sector. We specifically need help in funding and promoting our Midlands Regional Heat Event in order to combat this problem and encourage more schools to get involved with, and commit to the Greenpower initiative. This event holds two races in one day and involves the Formula 24 competition, for the secondary school age groups between 11 and 16, and the Formula 24+ for the Higher Education age groups between 16 and 25. Budget: Costs £ Track Hire 1,178 Timekeeping 500 Equipment Hire 75 Prizes 87 Hospitality/Catering 290 Administration* 2,000 Insurance 250 Loan kits X 3 At 2,100 per car- 6,300 Publicity* 2,000 Total Event costs: 12,680.00 *Administration costs include; production of programme, production and distribution of pre-race information, production of all race day materials, co-ordination of volunteer marshals and event management. *Publicity costs include; printing of posters/leaflets, advertising, direct marketing and road signs.