CurvingRoad is an organization founded on behalf of the artist. Its mission is to find new artists within a variety of disciplines, especially the theatre, as they make their way along the curving roads of their own, individual artistic lives, nurture them, advise them, and then, when ready, launch them and their work into the public eye.

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"The Next Curve: Two One-Act Plays" is our next production, a 3-week run in London's Old Red Lion theatre. Older emerging playwrights are unfairly under- represented in the theatre. To help give older playwrights a voice we held a Call for Submissions for playwrights over the age of 40 whose work has not been professionally produced. We received over 100 submissions and chose 2 one-act plays, one by an American, the other by a Scot. Having a play professonally produced in London is a huge asset to a writer's cv and boost to his/her confidence. Our playwrights will now be able to take this experience and go on to their own next projects. Budget: Fees £3050 Physical Prod: £3300 Salaries £3779 Theatre & Rehearsal Costs: £5750 PR/Admin £4400 Total: £20,279