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)Innersound visits South African charities and orphanages to give love and energy to AIDS orphans and AIDS sufferers. On the most recent visit we treated around 400 people, many of them children and are currently co-ordinated with 8 local charities. We need to visit South Africa every 3 months in order to establish lasting care and support to make a real impact on people’s health and wellbeing.

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Innersound charity believes that love, care and warmth are the most basic human ingredients and our work is dedicated to helping people regain health and peace. We give Innersound Qi energy treatments which transform body and mind. They give physical relief from the side effects of medication whilst dissolving negative emotions such as stress and anxiety, giving both inner strength and healing to the child or adult suffering with HIV or AIDs. In South Africa, many of those cared for live in dangerous or impoverished environments. Receiving love and energy restores their hope and feeling of humanity. We have established connections with 8 local charities, who plan our Qi treatment schedules locally. These organisations include Childline who rescue and care for abused children, Rena le Lona, a creative centre for children orphaned by AIDs, Bonnytown House, a holding house for young boys awaiting trial who are victims of lives of poverty, crime and sickness. In addition to giving treatment to AIDS orphans and sufferers we also support and relieve the stress of their carers who are often overworked and under resourced. We have been asked to visit every 3 months with a view to opening an Innersound centre within a year. Qi practitioners are specialists in their field. They can treat many people and have a great impact. To take them away from their UK clinics, fly them to SA and provide accommodation and local travel, we need £12k per visit. We wish to visit every 3 months and in the second year establish a permanent centre there to care for people. Previous models require £40k to establish and stabilise a centre.