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Arkwright House redevelopment

This major capital project to redevelop our head office, will not only improve the offices for staff, volunteers and visitors and provide a stimulating and pleasant environment but also provide spaces for meetings and training courses and the opportunity to celebrate the heritage of the building

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The building has been poor accessibility throughout and the welfare facilities for staff and volunteers are no longer appropriate for modern life. This prevents the building from being used to its maximum and is both costly to run and space inefficient. We are no longer able to let out our meeting rooms and promote the building's historical significance due to access and space constraints and


The new design will allow access throughout all three floors, provide an improved heat management system and offer significantly improved facilities for staff, volunteers and visitors. Office and meeting rooms will be improved along with the provision of training and promotional areas which can be opened to the public. The building will be accessible at times to the public to showcase the historical importance of Sir Richard Arkwright and his life in Preston.