Living to Care

Providing carers with a respite break that supports their health and well being.

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Registered Charity in England and Wales (1100447)




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  • 'I feel so rested after this weekend' 'Revived for another year' 'I have mad so many friends, I have learnt so much from everyone and the workshops

    — Family Carer

  • 'Great way to end the weekend with the fantastic Carers Banquet. I really enjoyed taking part ....I found my voice'

    — Family Carer

  • 'I am definitely coming again to this weekend and I am going to bring a friend!'

    — Carers


The Living to Carer project aims to solve the following problems and aims to : Reduce the risk of social isolation experienced by carers Reduce the risk of mental and physical ill health of carers who are at risk of ill health due to missed appointments and delayed diagnosis of serious illnesses Increase access to information and resources often


By bringing carers together for peer support, carers will have a reduced sense of isolation and will feel that they are not alone. By creating a carers network and providing carers with resources and information to support their role as carers, carers are less stressed at understanding what facilities are available to support them reducing the risk of ill health through stress and lack of personal care.