British-Arab Exchanges

Building Bridges: Trust, Dialogue and Partnership

In November 2010, BAX hosted a group of Palestinian emerging civil society leaders in England and Northern Ireland for an educational and cultural visit. Now, at their invitation a group of young professionals from the UK and Ireland are making a return visit for 12 days in April 2013.

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It ran from 4:01 PM, 17 February 2013 to 10:46 PM, 30 March 2013

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There has long been a deep resentment of British colonial rule in the Arab world, as well as a sense of distrust of the Middle East in the West. In an age in which powers now quickly turn to air strikes and drones to address uprisings and conflict, never has there been a greater need for the politics of deep relationship-building across the barricades.


BAX’s mission is to bridge divisions by organising cultural and educational exchanges between young people from the UK and the Arab world; creating and maintaining a network of bridge-builders; training future opinion-leaders; providing space for dialogue; focusing on the common ethical values and aspirations shared by our distinctive heritages.