South Africa Initiative 2010

WAIT-UK is joining forces with young people from around the world to gather in South Africa, before and during the FIFA World cup, to spread a message of awareness about HIV/ AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) through the medium of creative performing arts, music, dance and peer-to-peer education, the language young people can understand. In addition to South Africa, WAIT-UK will endeavour to reach out to youth in other countries by visiting Lesotho and Swaziland to actively train new trainers in this message medium. While the underlying objectives are to reduce and prevent HIV/AIDS and other STIs, the WAIT-UK approach enables young people to express themselves through creative performing arts, music and dance. It increases confidence and builds self esteem among the young people. In addition, it empowers them to live a healthier, STI-free, lifestyle, thereby saving lives and vital resources. WAIT-UK will further make an ongoing training support programme to widen and also deepen the outreach.

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reasons behind the project: Young adults in South Africa, Swaziland and Lesotho are most at risk of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. As they approach the stage of puberty, they need to be fully aware and informed of the dangers associated with premarital sex and the possibility of contracting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, especially if with concurrent multiple partners. Education is to include both the unseen emotional and psychological effects that come with early premarital sex - teenage pregnancy as a typical example - as well as have both short-term and long-term consequences. It will also include the direct effect of the above mentioned on their future education, personal development and socioeconomic improvement, and any negative negative bearing on their contribution to their communities. details on project end goals: 1. A Two-way SYNERGY for WAIT-UK and WAIT-SA For those going to South Africa, it represents a challenge for them as they are in different environment; it is both a source of inspiration as well as helping them to widen their horizons. Equally so, for the hosts, it is a source of inspiration and enthusiasm, and makes a positive impact. Added to that, it is a life saving, crime prevention and money saving exercise. 2. Significant Milestone for the 2010 Initiative/Project Galvanise and Build on the success of work done by the Washington DC WAIT team and the ongoing work being done by WAIT-SA Explore untapped opportunities in getting new partners and a wider youth involvement and participation Potential to expand our outreach and training activities by going to Swaziland 3. A Substantial and Intrinsic Impact WAIT-UK will make untold impact. There is already evidence of the tremendous success of the Washington DC-WAIT visit. Visiting other cities in South Africa (and other nations like Swaziland and Lesotho) expands our physical, face to face, outreach, reaching wider communities and larger numbers who could have been potential victims. Our outreach will have renewed the interest of our hosts, the various audiences, and, with the added experiences, of the volunteer peer-trainers as well as staff members. a brief financial breakdown Key Items Cost 1. Staff cost plus Travel Tickets to and from S Africa £40,000 2. Van / Car Hire and fuel £8,000 3. Accommodation £25,000 4. Food £10,000 5. Logistics – equipment £8,000 6. Insurance £4,000 7. On-going training (over a three-year period) £100,000 8. Miscellaneous £5,000 Total £200,000