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Peer Support Workers

Employ individuals with experience of a mental health issue to provide formalised peer support to other individuals with experience of a mental health issue.

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  • Older PeopleOlder People
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Peer Support Worker role will be to enable other individuals with a lived experience of a mental health issue who are not as far on their road to recovery to achieve set goals and outcomes which will have been determined at the outset of their interaction with the project. These pre-determined goals and outcomes will be in relation to individuals specific requirements in order to allow them to overcome barriers to their recovery, for example; being able to attend services, go to community groups, use public transport and undertake their own shopping. The Peer Support Worker will also role model recovery, coping strategies and promote hope and development of individual's aspirations for the future. The project will work in collaboration with statutory mental health services and mainstream organisations, agencies and businesses to promote the recovery and decrease the stigma associated with mental illhealth. £50,000 to employ and train four part-time Peer Support Workers, enabling them to move on in their recovery and attain paid employment whilst also supporting others in their recovery and achieving their aims.