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Having access to books has a long-lasting effect on children, young people and communities. These School Book Boxes will provide a basic ‘starter library’ for primary schools shipped to Africa from the UK to provide children aged 5-15 with brand new books to support their education and imaginations.

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In many schools in Africa, a few old, tattered copies of curriculum textbooks are all that is available for children to learn from, and few have any other books at all – meaning children do not have the opportunity to experience all the educational benefits and wonderful imaginative opportunities that books can bring.


A School Book Box would provide a starter collection of 300 carefully chosen books donated by the UK publishing industry, suitable for schools of up to 500 children. They will be delivered in a wheeled box that can be moved from classroom to classroom, and will include a manual for teachers to provide guidance and inspiration. It will also include educational resources to support early learning and education.