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Associate Playwrights

We would like to engage associate playwrights for 12 months to deliver workshops, development sessions and mentoring for aspiring writers. This supports the playwright themselves through income outside of their writing commissions and also emerging artists through the activities.

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To help sustain playwrights, they must find earing opportunities outside of comissions. They posess transferrable skills and are excellent communicators, making them ideal mentors for emerging writers, workshop leaders and peer writer developers. Engaged for 12 months, associate writers can mutually benefit the sector and our organisation by feeding into our activities while earning a small stipend for their time. The project will benefit writers across all levels. For beginners the associate playwright will facilitate workshops and introduction to playwriting sessions to inspire them to get started. For those who have already written a play, the associate will hold advanced, further skills workshops and provide mentoring for two people over the course of their 12 month engagement. Mentees will have six month's support to develop a play, ready to approach producers. they will have meetings with the associate and attend theare to see plays for discussion afterwards. The assocaite will also run a Writers' Group; bringing together a group of writers each month for six months to build a series of planned development sessions covering dialogue, plot, characters and all the other elements of a play. the Group will become peer readers and feedback on each others' work, with the support of the professional playwright. They will also have the opportunity to go to the theatre to see plays for discussion afterwards. Expenditure Playwrights' fee - £3,850 Travel (associate, mentees) - £300 Hospitality - £350 Theatre trips (mentees, Writers Group) - £400 Play texts for Writers' Group - £100