Samaritans Connect

Samaritans Connect is an integrated communications system which will enable us to connect our callers to our volunteers in the shortest possible time. It will deliver phone, email and text calls to volunteers via one technology platform – enabling us to respond to many more people in distress

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It ran from 3:46 PM, 24 May 2015 to 3:46 PM, 24 May 2015

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  • ‘I want to thank all of you at Samaritans. Because of you I chose a different path

    — A Samaritans Caller

  • ‘There are in this world, in every country, people who seem to be

    — Chad Varah- Samaritans Founder

  • ‘While it is often difficult for charities’ to justify the cost of spending money on new technology

    — Steve Wriggleworth- Samaritans Connect Project Manager


Samaritans’ current communication system is a patchwork of outdated technologies which don’t connect with each other. This fragmented system urgently needs replacing because it cannot cope with the demand for our service. Last year 280,000 calls received an engaged tone when, in most instances, there was a volunteer waiting to listen.


We will create a pioneering new contact system to ensure those in need who call don’t receive an engaged tone because of outdated technology but get through first time, every time. It will do this by bringing together our calls, emails and text services under one umbrella, guaranteeing that our listening volunteers have the best tools to carry out their vital work.