Training Palestinian Doctors in Israel

To strengthen the Palestinian medical system by providing fellowships for Palestinian doctors in Israeli hospitals, thereby enhancing the services available through the Palestinian medical system and nurturing Palestinian-Israeli relations.

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Our unique program brings selected Palestinian medical professionals to Israeli hospitals for residency and fellowship. The program upgrades the skills of clinicians in a wide array of disciplines and sometimes assists in the development of entire services unavailable in the Palestinian Authority. Over the years, this initiative has evolved to meet the practical needs of the Palestinian medical system, which lacks advanced training programs and sophisticated infrastructure. While Palestinian physicians are graduates of medical schools around the world, they return to the Palestinian Authority for their internships. From then on, they work in isolation and have little to no opportunity for specialization. Since its inception, the program has proven to be of significant value, with visible and tangible results, strengthening the Palestinian medical system with appropriately trained medical specialists and sub-specialists. In addition to providing Palestinian trainees with practical skills and knowledge, the program fosters stronger Palestinian-Israeli civil society relations. This is achieved through the promotion of professional and personal relations amongst the Palestinian trainees, their Israeli counterparts, and the Israeli patients and their families. To date, the Peres Center for Peace has trained dozens of Palestinian doctors. All of the program participants are referred by Palestinian hospitals that request training in specific fields; the hospitals are committed to employing the trainees upon program completion so that their newly acquired medical skills can serve the Palestinian community at large. This large-scale training initiative constitutes a most concerted effort to upgrade the skills and know-how available in the Palestinian health care system. This program is one of the most essential and beneficial platforms of cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian civil society, contributing greatly to the improvement of Palestinian medical infrastructure and also bearing significant peace dividends. The funds raised on The Big Give site will be used to sponsor one year of training for one Palestinian doctor at an Israeli hospital.