Act 4

World Record Attempt - 50 performances in 50 venues in 50 days

Between 1st June and 20th July 2009 Act 4 will attempt to set a new world record for the most number of professional theatrical perforamnces in different venues in 50 days. Using our educational show for children, Star Citizen.

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  • Arts/Culture/HeritageArts/Culture/Heritage
  • Community Support & DevelopmentCommunity Support & Development
  • Education/Training/EmploymentEducation/Training/Employment
  • Human Rights/AdvocacyHuman Rights/Advocacy
  • ReligiousReligious


  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
  • Women & GirlsWomen & Girls
  • Young People (18-30)Young People (18-30)
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World Record Attempt: We are using the show to provide a fun, exciting and informative way of raising the profile of important discources around childhood, which will create a platform for launching new programmes foucsed on community cohesion. On going benefit: This project will bring ongoing benefit to communities as we seek to equip children with the knowledge and skills to be a positive force in society. It will raise the profile of the importance of investing in all children as we launch new programmes following the show; this will include making related educational materials available to participating schools, and community groups. The project also aims to be a catalyst to engage children in the arts through the varied style of performance used in the show. The Show: ACT 4’s new interactive production Star Citizen combines drama, music, video and performance art and responds to the negative images of children,so common in today’s media. It encourages children to recognise their potential and motivates them to become a positive force within their communities. The subject matter has been designed to address aspects of the national curriculum, particularly in relation to Citizenship and RE, with audiences being invited to reflect on biblical themes as they explore taking responsibility and getting involved, in a safe,respectful and effective way. Funding: The cost for the first phase of this project, the record attempt, is £17,000, with future costs for the new programmes we will eb launching. We are keen to encourage partners and supporters who recognise the benfit of this project to chidlren and communites as we use the world record attempt as a starting place for launching new programmes foucsed on communtiy cohesion.