Polperro Nursery

Nursery and Kids Clubs start up

Run a full day nursery for pre-school children and out-of-school clubs for primary age children.

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No wraparound childcare facilities exist at all locally. This new facility will give parents a much improved choice of work and training opportunities and will breathe life into our rural community. There are no play areas locally (all closed or so minimal as to not be of interest to the children); children have said they want somewhere safe to play and to go after school. Set up the nursery and dedicated play area in a new school extension to meet Ofsted requirements. Create additional jobs and train new staff to at least NVQ2 level. We require funding for additional fixtures and fittings and administration infrastructure. Items include cloakroom storage, display notice boards, external CCTV, fencing, sand pit, overhead storage, admin computer and software, marketing, signage and pre-start administrator wages. Total £14,000.