Supporting Bookfeast's TeaBooks Groups in Oxon

Could your book group sponsor TeaBooks Groups? These are Bookfeast's book groups for older people to enable them to enjoy and talk about books and to combat isolation and loneliness. Sharing books can be a lifeline and our groups are held in a variety of community settings. See our website for more

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Loneliness remains an important challenge in Oxon (PH report); around 1 in 10 people over 75 feel isolated & around 1 in 5 feel lonely. And “loneliness is now firmly established as a risk factor for poor health in old age. It occurs in both rural and urban communities, especially if local facilities such as shops and post offices are scarce." It is estimated to increase the risk of death in elderly people by about 10 per cent and has a wide range of negative effects on physical & mental health.


We run 21 TeaBooks groups around the county in a variety of settings; community café's, libraries, residential and sheltered accommodation & day care centres. Our volunteers facilitate the groupss and order and collect the selected title in the required format (large print, audio, standard). The Group Leaders network means they gather "intelligence" as to which titles work well. A full evaluation is available on our website or via