New refuge appeal

Leeway are opening two new refuge's this year and need your help with purchasing equipment to furnish them.

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The need and reasons for the two new refuge's are as follows: One refuge opening this year will be a new purpose built refuge, with self contined flats and an Ofsted registered playgroup. This new building is required as one of our current refuge's only provides communal living facilities, whereby a mother has to share one room with her children, the rest of the house including the kitchen, lounge and toilet are all communal, so are shared by all the residents. These living conditions can make it very difficult for a women and her children to stay in the safe environment, which the refuge provides and may even force them to return back to the abusive relationship. The current building is also extremely old and in poor condition. The second refuge will be opening in a rural area where is currently no such facilities available. There has been a need identified for a refuge in this area and will provide support to women and children, who are often quite isolated because of living in a rural area. Both refuge's will provide a safe and secure enviornement for the women and children. Our refuge workers will help support the women to make a range of safe decisions, including housing, benefits, health and legal issues. We need to raise money to help furnish both refuge's including items such as sofa's, beds, bed linen, towels, curtains, kitchen utencils, security CCTV. Every donation would help to buy some equipment.