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Toolkit for Life

The Toolkit for Life programme has been developed in order to secure work placements and employment in the construction sector for offenders aged between 18 and 30 who have served a custodial sentence and are seeking to use their skills and talents to gain employment and avoid a cycle of re-offending. Employment offers an offender the opportunity of a fresh start as well as improved self-esteem, financial independence and career options.

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The Toolkit for Life programme has 3 main elements to it:- Relationship engagement The co-ordinator meets with offenders in a secure environment and engages with them to assess their ability, but also to help them to express their future aspirations. Some already have construction skills. Additionally the prisons have workshops where the inmates can acquire or enhance their skills Development of employment skills The co-ordinator helps the offender to write a CV as well as provide them with interview techniques and other soft skills Employer introductions Introduction to potential employers are brokered through the co-ordinator with the intention of securing an employment opportunity for the inmate when they are released. The co-ordinator is available for follow up with the inmate providing them with continuity of support. The Trust relies heavily on employers’ goodwill and willingness to give ex-offenders an opportunity to help them to rebuild their lives and reduce the likelihood of re-offending. By becoming involved in the programme an employer has the opportunity to make a tangible difference to the life of a young person by giving them a second chance. These young people are committee to changing their lives for the better and make very committed employees.