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The National Gathering 2009

Every year, LGBT Youth Scotland host a national gathering for up to 100 lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people in Scotland. This event allows young people aged between 13-25 to come together, share ideas, meet new people, learn through workshops and have fun.

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LGBT Youth Scotland’s national gathering is a unique and important event that has been identified by young people as a key date in their calendar. Each year as part of our program of participation we host a residential weekend for approximately 100 young people (13-25) who identify as LGBT. Past events have been held in Dumfries, Dundee and Edinburgh with themes that focus on ‘youth democracy and empowerment’, ‘healthy relationships’ and ‘girls only’. For many LGBT young people living in Scotland, gaining access to specific support can be a post code lottery, with LGBT specific services only operating in key areas. We know that many LGBT young people face isolation, exclusion and bullying. Events such as the national gathering are used as a tool to tackle these issues and provide links to on-going support. The theme for the 2009 event is ‘Alternatives’; this broad theme will encompass workshops, sessions and social events that focus on alternative sport, alternative beauty, alternative health and alternative communities. As well as providing time to learn about youth democracy, participation and taking part in the National Youth Council elections. A breakdown of the beneficiaries can be seen below: Those who will benefit directly: 100 LGBT young people who will attend the National Gathering 10 local organisations who will attend the National Gathering 10 adult volunteers who will attend the National Gathering 15 LGBT young people who are elected onto the National Youth Council What the benefits will look like: LGBT young people will gain knowledge and skills through workshops and sessions over the weekend LGBT young people will have greater opportunities to participate and have their voices heard through National Youth Council consultations and information day LGBT young people will have more resources and information about where to seek support LGBT young people will feel less isolated through coming together and sharing experiences LGBT adults will have more opportunities to participate in the work of LGBT Youth Scotland Local organisations will have more opportunities to learn about the needs of LGBT young people and be part of the event A breakdown of our projected financial spend can be seen below: Item Cost Conference Venue (Theatre hall, sports hall, break out rooms) £ 2500.00 Residential Accommodation (100 young people, 20 staff, 10 volunteers) approx £52 per person £ 6760.00 Catering (lunch 130, dinner 130, breakfast 130) approx £35 per person £ 4550.00 Young persons travel to and from the venue £ 2700.00 Materials for the conference including – t-shirts, pens, prizes and workshop items £ 3500.00 Promotion £ 350.00 Sessional Staff – 10 staff £150 per weekend £ 1500.00 TOTAL COST £21,860.00