The Norman Laud Association

Interactive Plasma Screen for Children's Respite

We need to raise £5,996.40 to fund obtaining ab interactive plasma screen. The screen will allow, all our children, whatever their disability, the ability to access a computer. It will help develop memory, self awareness, visual skills, concentration, co-ordination, and communication skills.

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Most of our children have no ability to use a mouse to navigate a conventional computer, however the interactive use of a computer is purely visual and extremely sensory, which is highly beneficial to our children's development. The interaction of a plasma screen is responsive, highly intuitive and instantly gratifying for users.


The screen is attached to a laptop and is capable of turning any programme into a touch controlled application, so that it can access the children's favourite online games, websites and educational software with just a touch of a finger. We provide respite for children with wide ranging forms of disability and the inclusive nature of the interactive plasma screen ensures children of all ages and abilities can successfully explore the joys of computing simply by using touch.