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Urban Skillz Music programme for Young Offenders

To purchase equipment to provide young offenders with opportunities for positive expression through music, enabling them to explore key themes such as addiction, peer pressure, discrimination and trust.

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The Message’s Prisons team, Reflex North West, has a proven track record, working regularly with typically 200 -300 young people every month in 4 secure establishments. We provide challenging and stimulating activities to tackle the main roots of offending: lack of achievement, low self esteem, a lack of significant positive role models, and unproductive use of young people's leisure time. By creating a space in which young people can express themselves openly, we challenge anti-social attitudes, develop social skills and help redefine boundaries for acceptable behaviour. A donation of £5,000 would fund music equipment to be used repeatedly in running this course to benefit over 1,000 young people each year.