A Professional Training for Young People most at risk of alcohol and drug misuse, homelessness and crime The Moray Art Centre has designed a 3-year programme of Film Making & Festival to deeply engage and inspire young people into a staged, developmental professional training that will deliver: Creative Writing, Screen Writing, Concept & Storyboard Design, Camera Work and Direction, Computer Generated Design, Post Production and A touring Film Festival for young people.

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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Outcomes: The combination of the creative activities and the reflective learning about creative team dynamics provides a powerful model for both individual and team development. -Increased individual maturity, purpose, motivation and self-confidence -Effective teamwork -Enhanced creative and innovative thinking -Better professional skills and clear career path -Increased transferable social and professional skills We will offer in-depth training in: -Graphic Design -Animation -Editing -Photography This programme will provide career direction and skills to 40-60 young people each year. Storyline A three-year programme to attract, engage and inspire young people most at risk of alcohol and drug misuse, homelessness and crime into a world of creativity; young people making films; from the development of the initial story to its full realisation to an internal film festival. In this project, the ‘hook’ for these young people will be to ‘follow-the-thread’ of their devised story and see it go from concept to realisation, together, and sharing the inspiration with others. The Story: The Impulse Behind all Creation is the Story All creativity comes from a story; a child cannot get by, each day, without hearing someone tell them a story. At night, we all make up stories trying to make sense of each day. In anticipating the next day, and each and every next meeting, we make up a story of how we imagine it will be; successful or frightening! Human beings cannot not create stories. We are creators! A violinist, a painter, a ballet dancer, a writer are all creators. Their creations all look different, yet they all have grown out of the same fertile soil: The story. Imagination can be killed or imagination can be kindled. We seek to liberate and magnify the treasure in each young soul. Why be a voyeur to someone else’s story, imagination and creation? We will nurture the creator in each young person. Let us harvest this impressive, unstoppable imagination-making ‘machines’! Every aspect of this project will be driven, designed and produced by young people, with the facilitation and encouragement of adults skilled with youth work as well as film makers in the professional world. Groups will be formed of five to six young people, who then will be given skills and stimulation from working artists. Young people’s groups will organise themselves into a working team: a writer, editor, scriptwriter, storyboard artist, cameraman, sound, casting, direction and post production. Young people will learn teamworking skills, learn delegating based upon intrinsic skills and bringing out inherent talents, and magnify their own passion for their own role. Each team member will become a leader in their own designated area, and crossover skills and tasks will teach teamworking driven by a shared passion for a shared outcome. Young people will experience a non-hierarchical organisational system, in which new leaders emerge based upon the stage of the project and the need at that moment; appreciating the leadership qualities in themselves and in their team members. The groups will come together to then create a festival of their films to be shown for the entire group, and then, as their confidence expands, to take the festival out to other youth groups, cafes and schools, to inspire and excite a broad spectrum of young people and create a cross-fertilisation of social interaction, learning, a new purpose and passion and, potentially, a professional career path. Cost of programme: Capital: -Equipment: 15 laptop computers and required software: £10,000