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The National Theatre (NT) encourages young people to become actively involved in the process of theatre, which in turn helps develop their creativity, communication skills, self-esteem and aesthetic appreciation. Up to 170,000 young people currently take part in our nation-wide education activities every year. Recently relaunched as discover: National Theatre, our ongoing aim is to make our work more accessible to groups of all ages across the UK to support life long learning.

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Primary Classics tours a well known classic play to primary schools. The tour is accompanied by an extended creative education programme, involving practical workshops in schools which introduce children to a range of creative ways of learning and working with a focus on the chosen play. The workshops are led by a team of trained NT artists and theatre specialists and take place over two terms, giving the young people involved a deep and extended engagement with the play and the creative process of theatre. There is also training and support for participating teachers, and mapped curriculum links to ensure that the project is of the greatest benefit to schools. Following on from the success of our primary tour of A Midsummer Night’s Dream last year, and following a specific demand from teachers in recent project evaluation, in 2008-9 we will be touring a small-scale version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth for Years 4, 5 and 6 (ages 8-11). The tour includes a two-week run of performances in the Cottesloe theatre at the NT. Funding The NT education department spends £2.5 million delivering projects across the UK for around 170,000 7 – 25 year olds each year. Primary Classics is a vital strand of this work, and costs in the region of £140,000 a year. The programme reaches out to approximately 40 primary schools across London at a cost of £3,500 per school. We pass on a cost of around £930 to each school, which pays for a full programme of work over two terms. The remaining £2,570 per school is privately fundraised for each year. Please contact me for further information and a full budget breakdown.