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The Guildhall School Scholarships Fund

The School provides financial assistance each year through the Scholarships fund to enable the most talented students to take up their places at the School or continue their studies regardless of their financial circumstances. Without this fund, many extraordinarily gifted young musicians, actors and stage technicians would not be able to afford the professional training they deserve and need to pursue a career in the performing arts.

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Students everywhere find it hard to finance their studies, but for a music and drama school the problems can often be more acute for the following reasons:  many acting and technical theatre students, although studying an undergraduate degree programme, will have already completed undergraduate courses elsewhere. As a result they are not eligible to receive government or statutory financial support for their studies at Guildhall School due to the Equivalent Level Qualification rules that exclude them  postgraduate students have already completed undergraduate courses and subsequent levels of advanced training so will have incurred a substantial amount of student debt and are not able to take on any further financial burden  40% of our students are from overseas. Fees for overseas students are significantly higher (to cover the real cost of study) but unlike other universities where overseas students are a large source of income, many of our foreign students need scholarships to enable them to come here  study is very intensive and it involves full days of teaching and performances in the evening. Therefore it is difficult for students to take on part time jobs to help support themselves Scholarships are awarded based on need, excellence and potential. It is vital that the School can continue to take on the most talented musicians, actors and theatre technicians. Not only does this benefit students whilst they are studying here, it also maintains the School’s reputation for quality, benefiting the careers of alumni long after they have left. All students are eligible to apply to the Fund, either for a tuition fees scholarship or maintenance bursary. Depending on the courses taken fees are: All undergraduate programmes: £3,225 (UK and EU) £15,200 (Non-EU) Standard postgraduate programmes: £6,800 (UK and EU) £15,200 (Non-EU) Opera Course: £8,000 (UK and EU) £17,800 (Non-EU)