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For the People, By the People: Shaping a new Sudan.

WE NEED YOUR HELP IN SUDAN!! After 50 years of war, famine, genocide and displacement caused by a government that ruthlessly rules its country without caring for its citizens, Sudanese people now have a real chance and hope for peace and democracy. Help us support them to shape a new nation run by, for and with the citizens of Sudan.

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Sudan is emerging from nearly 50 years of war and oppression under a ruthless and corrupt government, responsible for the death of millions of its citizens. Having signed a peace agreement in 2005, Sudan is now forced to make a transition to peace and democracy, but the country needs an incredible amount of support. We have worked on these issues with Sudanese people for more than a decade and we know that ordinary citizens are the key to ensuring that the peace agreement is adhered to. They have the power to demand that their government gives them the rights and entitlements they deserve as citizens and now is their chance. But they need assistance. This project will help ensure that Sudanese citizens participate in vital decisions about the country’s future and work towards peaceful co-existence as a nation by: 1. Launching a series of high profile national debates discussing the major issues facing the country. These debates will be public and broadcast around the country, involving some of the most marginalized people in the world, in discussing the problems and generating ideas on how to solve them. We call this a Sudan-Sudan Dialogue: for Sudan, by Sudan. 2. Supporting people to participate in the first elections in two decades and preparing them for an upcoming referendum on whether they should split into two countries or not. Almost 90% of Sudanese are illiterate, and they will have to take part in one of the most complicated voting systems in the world. We need to make sure that they are equipped with enough knowledge to use their democratic rights. 3. Working with communities to build peace in Kordofan. Kordofan is an area in Western Sudan that threatens to become the next Darfur. We need to make sure that citizens here are included in a process of deciding what their future is in the country, or they may feel they have no alternative but to go to war, which could bring down Sudan’s entire peace process. Budget Breakdown Item Cost Per Year Staff (8 full time and 10 consultants) £174,000 Research £20,000 Project Activities £101,500 Equipment and Logistics £33,500 Office expenses in Sudan £38,000 Total per year £367,000 Total over 3 years £1,101,000 We will be happy to provide anyone interested with a detailed project proposal and budget, as well more detailed information on our past work with Sudanese communities and activists.