Borough Market

The Borough Market Food School

The purpose of the Food School is to use the Borough Market itself as a teaching tool to promote healthy eating, food and nutrition education and become a catalyst for other food related programmes and initiatives locally, for London and internationally. At the heart of this project is the Borough Market Food School, a plan to create an educational centre aimed primarily for our local community and London more broadly, in one of the market’s prime and currently unoccupied properties.

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The Food School will aim to: • provide a multifaceted educational facility within Borough Market building on our vibrant and popular market packed with regional producers, food specialists and experts and which in itself provides a wonderful outdoor classroom; • assist in changing attitudes to food and healthy eating; • provide a forum which encourages engagement with farmers, producers, UK and international food specialists, chefs, writers and suppliers, each of which have their own expansive and valuable networks; • provide training opportunities for those interested in the food sector, by way of apprenticeships and employment opportunities and links to producers, chefs, traders and others working in the food arena; • promote the crucial role the Market has to play in the food chain, both to source quality produce and as a way of supporting small producers; • reinforce the importance of markets as social spaces and the role they play in the civic life of UK towns and cities; and, • regenerate a building of some historical merit and forge stronger links with the community