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Hospital staff come to work intending to provide the quality of care they would want for themselves and their families. But today’s hospitals are vast, time is at a premium and in these busy ‘medical factories’ care of the person can unfortunately get squeezed out. The Point of Care programme aims to help staff and hospital boards improve patients’ experience of care and support staff to see the person in the patient.

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The Point of Care programme includes three strands of work developed from research published in December 2008. The research looked at the problems that patients experience with their care and why staff are not always able to provide the sort of care they would want for themselves and their own families. Researchers identified two improvement initiatives that have been proven to work and offer real potential to create sustainable change in English hospitals. Improvement initiatives • We are piloting Schwartz Rounds at a number of hospitals. Developed by the Schwartz Center in the USA, Schwartz Rounds provide a monthly one-hour session for staff from all disciplines in a hospital to meet and discuss difficult emotional and social issues arising from patient care. Schwartz Rounds have been shown to improve the ability of staff to provide compassionate care. • We will also pilot Experience Based Design, an innovative approach that involves patients and staff working together to improve the experience - or “feel” - of using services, drawing on ideas from design in which users are a central part of the design process. Patients and staff are equal partners in the process, strengthening the link between them. Expert seminars and resources We will run a series of seminars to examine important aspects of improving patients’ experience, such as ‘Can you teach compassion?’, and produce a short paper designed to provide useful tips and examples for staff, managers and boards. The Point of Care programme will also offer a wide range of resources for anyone interested in patients’ experience of care, including a wealth of online resources. The King's Fund is providing up to 50% of the funding for this phase of the project. We are seeking up to £100,000 to help us to implement the Schwartz Round initiative as effectively as possible. Donations will be used to set up, train staff in each hospital and facilitate the sessions for approximately 9 months, until they are embedded and working effectively.