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A project to develop a buddying, support service for volunteers who have special needs whether through physical disabilities, learning disabilities or mental health problems - we also include indiviuduals with criminal convictions and refugees and asylumn seekers. By providing a 'Buddy' either short or long term, we believe more people with disabilities can be assisted to become a volunteer

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There are two principal reasons behind the initial project. Firstly, nationally the Government is promoting a 'Back to work' ethic for individuals with disabilities. For many people this is really difficult as they may have limited or no experience of working - volunteering is recognised as an excellent 'stepping stone' into employment. However even volunteering may seem daunting if you've never done it before so our aim is to support individuals with special needs by matching them up with a 'Buddy' - a trained volunteer - who will help and guide them into a satisfying volunteering situation. Our second reason is a local one - as the local Volunteer Centre for Worcester we are seeing an increase in the numbers of volunteers with special needs who are registering but we are finding it very difficult to find appropriate placements as the volunteers need one-to - one support which our staffing capacity prohibits. Our aim is to employ a Project Officer who will be responsible for recruiting, training and supporting 'Buddy' volunteers. We believe that providing a 'Buddy' for a volunteer with special needs, will enable us to help more people into volunteering opportunities with the outcome of increased confidence etc that volunteering brings