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Beating Bowel Cancer’s nurse advisory service provides information and guidance to patients, people with symptoms, family members and friends. It compliments the NHS service by encouraging people with bowel cancer symptoms to go to their GP early which is vital in saving lives from the UK’s second biggest cancer killer after lung cancer.

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Our nurse advisory service is accessible to people by telephone or email irrespective of their location, or whether they are being seen in the NHS or private sector. Although people affected by bowel cancer have a ‘key worker’ within the NHS, they repeatedly state how helpful it is to be able to speak to a nurse external to the clinical world which they are ‘caught up in’. Many times they feel that they can only contact their NHS Colorectal Nurse Specialist about specific problems. Speaking to our nurse advisor can help allay fears and encourage people to seek advice – when people delay in presenting to their GP with symptoms, their chances of a successful outcome can be greatly reduced. Through our Nurse Advisory service we aim to: • provide a full time nurse advisory service for anyone affected by bowel cancer (including people concerned about symptoms and those who have been diagnosed, which means we are able to provide support at all stages of the patient journey). • With a full time nurse advisory service we estimate 3,000 people affected by bowel cancer, or possible symptoms, will receive emotional and/or practical support from Beating Bowel Cancer over a 3 year period. • The nurse advisor will prepare an article for the Medical Corner section in the charity newsletter for the giving advice on topics that are commonly requested. • The nurse advisor will refer patients to our Patient Voices Group - the UK’s only national patient-to-patient network in the UK for people affected by bowel cancer. Financial details: We need to secure £25,000 for one year or £75,000 to allow us to employ a nurse on 3 year contract. This includes the salary and associated costs along with training, travel costs, training and journal subscriptions. This will help us to maintain a full time service.