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Bowel cancer information for patients

Beating Bowel Cancer has an extensive range of booklets and factsheets which are an invaluable source of information for patients and their family members. We are seeking funding to update and reprint publications covering various stages of the patient journey.

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Our information leaflets and booklets available free of charge and our comprehensive website is updated regularly with all the latest information on bowel cancer, including patient case studies. Printed material is extremely helpful as it allows patients to refer to key information in their own time outside of a consultation. Our patient literature is highly respected in the healthcare community and the Head of Patient Services is responsible for ensuring our printed materials, including booklets and factsheets, meet the needs of patients, the general public and healthcare professionals. Studies have shown that some patients only remember one tenth of what they were told during a consultation. Face to face communication needs to be backed up with high quality, accurate information that the patient can refer to in their own time. Our publications meet this important need. Examples of current publications: Prevent and Detect Bowel Cancer Screening Bowel Cancer Surgery: Treating Bowel Cancer: Diet and Nutrition: Patient Support: Our Services Our publications are available for download from the charity website: Alternatively we will be pleased to send you copies. Financial details: It costs £6,000 to update and reprint each publication.