Moving Intowork

The project will support people with Acquired Brain Injury or those on the Autistic Spectrum to find sustainable jobs. Because the service is individually tailored and staff intensive it is therefore more expensive to operate than volume programmes that work with people in larger groups. It has been shown that programmes like that do not work for these clients.

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BRAIN INJURY As acquired brain injuries affect each person individually, the team work extensively with clients on a 1:1 basis, tailoring support to support needs, skills and motivations, with the aim of supporting people to move toward, gain and sustain, or retain employment. In doing so we continually raise awareness of ABI issues and promote the positive employability of this disability group at a local and national level. Only 30% of people return to work following a brain injury (25% for young stroke sufferers). Moving Intowork ABI team now supports 60% of service-users to gain and sustain employment, further education or training. AUTISTIC SPECTRUM DISORDER Almost 1% of the UK population is affected by ASD, and the number of adults and children with ASD is increasing. • Adults with autism say that finding a suitable job would improve their lives more than anything else. • Only 15% of people with an ASD have full-time paid jobs, compared to 49% of disabled people generally and 81% of non-disabled. Close liaison with parents and carers assists us to work independently with clients. Joint strategies are developed for supporting the person to cope with work and home life. • Reasonable adjustments are negotiated at recruitment stage - specifically around interviews. Individuals on the spectrum are unable to sell their skills and abilities to potential employers. • The ASD team is highly experienced and specifically trained in sessional work to support adults on the autistic spectrum.