The University of Wales, Newport

New City Centre Campus

The new City Centre campus will be a hothouse of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial activity that will be an essential element of Newport city's regeneration. The building will be physically transparent and open to the city, rather than being enclosed behind high walls, thus transforming the look and feel of Newport's city centre.

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The £35, campus will be the first phase of an intended £50m development for the University with the aim of transforming the city centre by becoming a magnet for cultural activity along the riverfront and a centre for enterprise that embraces a contemporary arts centre, extensive exhibition space and a national photographic archive. The innovative new campus, which will be completed in 2010, will add vibrancy to the city centre and give a vital boost to the local economy. Donations will contribute to a Development Fund which will enable projects/students to apply for funds to undertake educational activities, students bursaries and contribute, through the development of Phase 2, to the ongoing regeneration of City Centre facilities.