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We are seeking support to extend the services that we provide to our clients (people with learning disabilities). We currently provide lots of activities within our community (Nottingham) but are looking for funds to enable our member to access community facilities and increase their confidence by visiting different venues, this will help them to raise their confidence levels and address some of their issues around isolation.

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We work to empower people to live more independent and enjoyable lives and to promote inclusion in the wider community. The services and support are provided with respect for each individual and their needs, valuing their strengths. There is limited provision available in the City and many of the people we work with cannot access more mainstream provision due to behavioural difficulties, community isolation and a lack of confidence. We get more referals from the Statutory sector than we have resources to support. The project will provide services and support to Adults with learning disabilities, many of whom experience multiple disadvantage ie past abuse, institutional care, poverty, dysfunctional family,worklessness and homelessness. They experience extreme isolation and exclusion and are often misjudged and misunderstood or ignored by society as a whole. They are from a range of ethnic groups and are male and female. Our volunteering opportunities also provides a service to those in the wider community who may also be isolated. We work with volunteers and take student placements from various courses, universities and colleges, unemployed and asylum seekers. This provides an opportunity for those who may well be delivering services in the future to gain valuable work experience.