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SCORES Football for refugees

This project will improve integration by helping refugees access mainstream coaching, training and playing opportunities. We will work with 250 groups across London and across the midlands. We are very proud to be working with the Football Foundation and their commitment means that we only have to raise £41,000 this year. In fact, because of the Football Founation's substantial investment every donation will mobilise over four times its value!

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  • Children (3-18)Children (3-18)
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Refugees and asylum seekers are often the most deprived and isolated community groups. They flee their countries because of threats to their life and freedom. Some will have been tortured and detained. All will have experienced great loss and when they arrive in the UK they have to learn new social and cultural norms and possibly a new language. It is very hard for refugees to get involved in sport and community activity, so they miss out on all the health and social benefits it can bring. Some asylum seekers are forbidden from working in the UK. Our project will reach out to people who are isolated, anxious and disorientated, promote integration and increase their participation in communities through football. It aims to help people feel part of local life, use sport centres and outdoor spaces, get involved with local leagues, and benefit from mainstream training and coaching opportunities. The project is designed to help refugees meet and interact with people that, if it wasn’t for participation in sports, they would never socialise with. Life is very difficult for asylum seekers in this country – they are not allowed to work, most have to learn English, and many experience terrible hostility because of misunderstandings and negative public attitudes towards refugees. It is not surprising they feel intimidated about joining in. Like the Football Foundation we believe in breaking cycles of disadvantage, we believe that sports can do this, and we hope you will help us achieve this.