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The Refugee Council is lobbying for a fair, effective and humane asylum system in the UK so as to better protect refugees who have fled conflict and persecution in countries like Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Congo, Eritrea, Somalia and Sri Lanka.

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Every day at our services across the UK we see well over 200 refugees. All have exprienced great loss, are struggling to orientate, and have to navigate a complex and bureaucratic asylum system. Some refugees have been detained, tortured, threatened, or sexually abused in their country. Yet when they arrive in the UK they are likely to encounter suspision and a culture of disbelief. In order to stand up for refugees' rights with an independent voice the Refugee Council is looking for people to support our campaigning and influencing work. During 2010 we are campaigning for * Recognition of refugees' needs for protection * Improvements to asylum decisions so more are right first time * An end to destitution * Restoring permision to work * An end to child detention A new political era, will give us a very important window of opportunity this year to make the case for changes. Most of the recommendations that would make the system more humane would also make it cheaper to the tax payer.