Reclaiming PlaySpace

To bring play back to local communities! Reclaiming PlaySpace is an innovative project designed to help children reclaim community spaces for outdoor play and physical activity. Remember your childhood? How you made friends, developed social skills, played chase until your legs were sore? Children are no longer having the opportunity to play. This project can address this!

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Working in socially, economically and environmentally disadvantaged areas, our aim is to bring "good old fashioned play" back into the heart of communities. We want to make sure children are visible and valued in their local communities. The culture shift in society where groups of children are viewed as anti-social, not simply playing; technology; parental fears and anxieties over traffic, stranger dangers etc. mean that children do not have the opportunities to play and develop that you and I took for granted. The project is simple - a team of two play-rangers drive a van stuffed with an array of basic play equipment drive into a community twice a week. Parents are happy to allow their children out because of the adult presence. Staff do not plan or structure sessions but rather support, prompt and encourage outdoor activities which increase physical activity and thus health and social well-being of the children. The project has been running for a year and has been a huge success - attracting over 80 children each evening. We already have had the van donated but we have no money to fund our play-rangers. We need £100K to run the project for a further year and a half!